Clapton FC Supporters Action Fund

Imagine if Clapton FC was owned and managed by its supporters

Imagine if all the income was completely transparent and ploughed back into improvements of facilities and the pitch?  What if we looked after our players and properly encouraged them to stay and if the skills and commitment of the club’s fans was welcomed and encouraged, rather than treated with suspicion?

The Clapton Supporters Action Fund was set up by the real Clapton FC in 2013 when the three life members of the original Clapton FC re-established what we consider to be the ‘real’ club, with an executive committee and a current membership of over 150 as opposed to that is being run by its alleged ‘owner’ which has no membership structure.

The ongoing dispute over the ownership and control of both the club and the Old Spotted Dog Ground, as well as the shambolic way that both are currently managed, is fairly complex – you can read the background on our website at

It is absolutely clear that nothing will change and there is no prospect of Clapton FC flourishing under the control of its supporters until this dispute over who is the real Clapton FC is finally settled. Efforts have been made to try to achieve this without the need for legal action, but it is increasingly apparent that the only way to resolve ownership of the club, and usage of the ground, is through the courts.

We are therefore launching the Clapton Supporters Action Fund and, with all money donated, will work towards transforming Clapton FC into a club that is fan-owned and fan-managed. In the short term this will include funding for legal action to rescue it and secure its immediate future, but your donations will also help us plan for a genuinely revitalised club.

If you want to help us build on our club’s long and proud history, please donate to the Clapton Supporters Action Fund online at

or send your donation by post (see below)

Everyone donating at least £20 will receive one of our limited edition “Supporters’ Acton Fund” badges.

action fund badges

Alternatively, you may send a donation by post to:

Clapton FC, Third Floor, Markham House, 35 Station Rd, Chingford, London E4 7BJ
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