English Wanderers 1913 & The Clapton Connection

This article is not so much about a Clapton Tour but a trip to Paris, taken by a sets of English players, where they played friendly matches against local opposition on 1st November 1913 (the French holiday ‘Toussaint’).

The ‘English Wanderers’ were described as a ‘team of English Amateurs’ and played their match against an USFSA (Union des Sociéties Françaises Athletiques) XI at Auteuil, near Paris.

USFSA were responsible for all sports, including amateur football in France. They famously had a run in with FIFA when the English Amateur Football Association was denied membership and, as a consequence resigned. Even more famously, they wore white shirts white red and blue interlocking rings on the front. It is thought that this design was the influence behind the Olympic five ringed emblem as their president, Pierre de Coubertin was one of the founders of the modern Olympic Games.

The shirts worn by the English Wanderers had the three lions badge on the left breast of the shirt and they wore blue shorts.

The Clapton players who represented the English Wanderers were :-

Harold Meredith Lemoine, despite his French sounding surname, was born in Cambridge in 1877 and came to prominence originally when playing for Hunslet FC in Yorkshire. He then came south to play for Shepherds Bush FC and in 1909 made the trip across London to sign for the Tons. A year later, he had signed amateur forms with Southend United. At the time of this tour (1913) he had returned to Loftus Road to play for Shepherds Bush FC.

J.E. Olley was a half back in two Clapton teams that won the FA  Amateur Cup in 1907 and then again in 1909. He won Amateur International caps for England against Sweden and Ireland.

H.M. Lemoine is the goalkeeper whereas J. E. Olley is on the back row, far right.
H.M. Lemoine is the goalkeeper whereas J. E. Olley is on the back row, far right.

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